A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s ‘Rep Room’

The reputation Stadium Tour is underway and fans can hardly wait for their show to come. Surprises, perks, and much more are in store for Swifties, even a chance to meet Taylor Swift herself.

With every tour comes meet and greets, and Swift has always given away meet and greets for free. She did it with the Fearless Tour, the Speak Now Tour with the T-Party room, the Red Tour with club Red, the 1989 Tour with Loft 89, and now the Reputation Stadium Tour with the Rep Room.

Each room that Swift has had on every tour has been filled with surprises, snacks, fellow Swifties, and an opportunity to hang out with Taylor herself. How do you get chosen? It’s simple. Swift handpicks from online or her mom, Andrea Swift goes through the crowd and picks out the most excitable, happy, or dressed up fans in the room and gives them an invitation to hang out with Taylor after the show.

It’s simple, easy, and every fan anxiously hopes to get picked, and this tour, you might just get lucky. So, what makes the Rep Room so unique? Check out some photos to see for yourself:

Snacks, drinks, and everything else is provided for you at the reputation bar.

How much should we bet that Taylor made these cookies? We wouldn’t put it past her.

Each drink is named after song lyrics.



And the Rep room wouldn’t be a Rep room without the iconic snake.


And the pillows are the pillows we want to stock up on.

As you enter the Rep Room, Swift shows off some of her iconic outfits from some music videos.


We hope to find more behind-the-scenes photos from the Rep Room as the tour continues. Until then, let us know what you think of the room so far and if you’re praying on meeting Taylor this tour by sounding off in the comment section below.