Taylor Swift Shares Facts About Reputation Stadium Tour

The Reputation Stadium Tour is just 12 days away and Taylor Swift, as well as all of us are so excited we can hardly contain it. 

Taylor Swift has expressed her excitement over the past few weeks by making short Instagram stories stating that she can’t wait to see everyone on the road. Now, that rehearsals are coming to an end and the tour is about to start, Swift is embarking on a new adventure via social media. It’s no longer posting photos from rehearsals but it’s counting down to one of the biggest tours of Swift’s career.

Yesterday, April 25, the songstress shared a sneak peek of rehearsals with a photo of her wearing short shorts, a loose t-shirt and super cute combat like boots.


But the photo wasn’t the only thing that added to the excitement on Wednesday. Swift shared a feed of Instagram stories telling her fans she’ll be releasing a fact about the tour ever day up until the tour starts. Are you freaking out? We certainly are. The first factoid is that fans will hear 10 songs from previous albums throughout the show. Can you guess which songs she’ll play? We can guess a few but we also think she just might switch it up like she has in previous shows. We will know for sure in just 12 days.

“[I’m] really excited about playing stuff from Reputation. I’m excited about playing stuff that is from previous albums too,” she said. “And just check back because every day I’m going to be posting something about the tour, just something that’s going on, something at rehearsals, so just check here and I will see you in 13 days.”

Stay tuned for more factoids as we countdown the days until opening night in Glendale, AZ. Still don’t have tickets? They’re going fast. You can get yours at TaylorSwift.com or VividSeats. We can’t wait to see you out on the road! 

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