Taylor Swift Song of the Week: “Babe”

While “Babe” might not be sung by Taylor Swift, she did write it and it’s brilliant and heartbreaking all at once.

 The song “Babe” was released by Sugarland on Friday, April 20. “Babe” features Taylor Swift who wrote the track and does some background vocals, which blend nicely with Jennifer Nettles’. So, why do we love “Babe” so much? Perhaps because the track was writte by Swift and Train’s Pat Monahan during the RED era and maybe, just maybe, we always love Swift’s writing chops.


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The tone and lyrical content of the song definitely set the mood for what the RED era was, and gives her fans a more clearer visual of what actually happened between her and a certain guy who’s name shall not be named. It’s evident the guy was in the wrong here and Swift brilliantly wrote down her heartbreak in song, which is something we know she always does best.

“Babe” is brilliant, and Swift continues to prove time and time again that she knows how to not only write a great song but tell a great story that can relate to anyone who is willing to listen. We are thankful Sugarland wanted to bring this song to life and that Swift, with her courage and bravery was willing to share it with the world. “Babe” will continue to be on repeat in the days to come and we hope we see a music video and perhaps a couple collaborations between the country duo and Swift on stage. You can listen to the song below:

What do you think of “Babe”? Is it one of your favorite songs Swift has written? Let us know by sounding off in the comment section below.